Senior 3 creaming method practical

Dear senior 3 students,

Well done for today’s practical. You were all amazing. Here are the photos.


Senior 1B Open Day

Dear senior 1B students,

for the open day kindly get with you a 3-inch paintbrush (which can be bought from an ironmonger. These will be needed to paint the pallets), an old t-shirt to put over your clothes and a tub or a water bottle cut in half so that we can pour the paint in it.


Ms. Edera

Gozo Trip

Dear students,

tomorrow we will have the Gozo trip. May I remind you please to be at school on time as we will be leaving at 8am. Also take note of the following:

  1. You need to wear the summer uniform.
  2. You can wear the school shorts underneath the trousers.
  3. Get sunblock, sunglasses, cap.
  4. Get some pocket money.
  5. No mobile phones, but cameras are allowed.
  6. Get a small towel so that you can clean your feet once we leave from Ramla Bay.

Looking forward to spending the day with you. Let’s have fun 🙂

Ms. Edera

Hospitality Senior 4

Dear students,

your test will be on the 22nd May. You will have the test on those criteria that are for the exam. These include:

C1, K2, K4, K6, C3, K9, K10, C5.

May I also remind you that on Monday 14th May, you need to hand in the past paper, May 2017 unit 2.

Ms. Edera

Hospitality Senior 3

Dear students,

may I remind you that you will have your hospitality exam on the 30th May. Moreover, you will have a test on the 21st May.

The criteria on which you will be assessed, both for the test and for the exam are:

K1, K3, C2, K7, C3, K8, K9, C5.

Ms. Edera