Senior 4 Study Plan

Dear Senior 4,

I am uploading the study plan for the half yearly exam, which will be held on 3rd February.

Click on the link below:

Senior 4 study plan

Happy weekend

Ms. Edera


Senior 1 Rock Buns Practical

Dear Senior 1,

may I remind you that tomorrow 24th November, we shall be having our second practical – rock buns. Please remember to get the following:

a. apron and cap.

b. preparation sheet in plastic folder

c. all the ingredients ALREADY WEIGHED FROM HOME. The ingredients are:

d. container to take the rock buns home

e. tea towel

f. decoration items (e.g. table cloth, flowers/candle, menu card)

g. if you have plastic mixing bowl

Senior 5 – SEC Prep. Sheet

Dear Senior 5,

just to remind you (for the 100th time), that on the 4th November you have the SEC preparation sheet. Remember to study all meal planning and get recipes (recipe books / recipes from internet) so as to be covered for ANY situation that might crop up in your assignment test. Also get recipes for possible drinks which you can use. Remember to find recipes that can be prepared and cooked in a double lesson! Also study what reasons of choice you can give for the chosen recipes.

Group 1 will cook on 11th November. group 1 consists of: Sarah B.F, Kristina, Jasmine, Isaac, Kelly Anne, Rachel.

Group 2 will cook on 18th November. group 2 consists of: Sarah G, Valentina, Corina, Jed, Luke, Claire,Aleyna.

The TEST DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED. The test is going to be held on 25th November and NOT on the 26th November. Study the nutrients (senior 3) and the topics which we covered till home freezing this year. The test won’t be very easy, so study hard!

I know you are all stressed out, but work hard now and you’ll see your results later! 🙂

Ms. Edera