Senior 4 HE Study List

Dear senior 4 students,

attached please find the study list for the half yearly exam.

S4 Study List for Half Yearly Exam

Ms. Edera


Senior 4 Home Ec Test

Dear senior 4 students,

your test is scheduled for the 14th November. These are the topics that you need to study:

  1. Factors affecting food choice.
  2. Meal planning: a. for pregnant women; b. for toddlers and school-aged children; c. invalids/convalescents; d. athletes; e. elderly people; f.vegetarians; g. adults suffering of different health conditions; h. obesity and CHD; i. diabetes and dental caries; j. food allergies and intolerances.
  3. Fruit and Vegetables.


Ms. Edera

Senior 4 Chapter 2 Investigation

Dear Senior 4

as I’ve explained in class, the deadline to send via email Chapter 2 of the investigation is the 30th of May. May I remind you that you need  to complete:

web diagram 1, web diagram 2, analysis of web diagram 2 and the plan of action.

Kindly check your email for further details.

Also a gentle reminder to print the SEC past paper May 2016 paper 1 and 2A and get it with you on Friday 19th May. So that while half of the group is cooking, the other half will work out some of the questions which I will tell you from the past paper.

Ms. Edera

Senior 4 SEC past paper

Dear Senior 4,

kindly buy and print the SEC past paper Home Economics May 2016. This is because while half of the class would be having their SEC practical, the other half will be working out some of the questions from this past paper, paper 1 and paper 2A. To buy the past paper, click on the following link

and then click ‘Add to Cart’ the paper May 2016. It only costs 72c.

Also a gentle reminder about the change in groups for the SEC practical:

Group 1 will cook on the 19th May. This group consists of Tasnim, Zara, Dana, Maria and Sulima

Group 2 will cook on the 26th May. This group consists of Adam, Mariella, Michaela, Jessica and Camilla.

Best regards

Ms Edera

Senior 4 Preparation Sheet

Dear Senior 4,

regarding the  Preparation sheet which you have to do for homework, kindly also do the Evaluation (imagine that you have done the practical for your chosen dish), so that you will practise the writing of the Evaluation before doing the actual SEC preparation sheet.


Ms. Edera

Senior 4 SEC Preparation Sheet Details

Dear senior 4 students,

As I have explained in class, on Friday 5th May you will have the first part of the SEC exam which will be the preparation sheet.

What do you need to prepare?

So as I told you I will give you the assignment and a blank preparation sheet on the day. You need to get with you the recipes of main dishes and drinks (smoothies/fresh juices) which can be used for the possible scenarios that you may be given in the exam.

Make sure that you have adequate recipes of main dishes and drinks for the following:

  • lactose intolerant
  • breastfeeding/pregnant
  • obesity/heart disease
  • coeliac
  • lacto ovo vegetarian
  • yeast dough (home made pizza)

Also make sure that the ingredients of your recipe are adapted to make them suitable for one person. Make sure as well that the ingredients are in grams not ounces.

Apart from finding the recipes for the above, make sure that you know what the conditions are so that you can make reference to the disease in the reasons for choice. Also make sure that you go through the Sample Preparation Sheet which I sent you via email and make sure that you know the nutrients that are present in your chosen dishes so that you will find it easy to complete the Reasons for Choice of the Preparation sheet.

Should you have any queries or if you would like to show me the recipes feel free to contact me.


Ms. Edera