Senior 3 Revision Questions

Dear Senior 3 students,

please find attached the revision quiz and the answer sheet. I suggest that after you study you try out all the questions so that you can test yourselves.

Good luck for your exams!

Ms. Edera

answer sheet S3 Revision Quiz


Senior 3 creaming method group 2

Dear senior 3 students,

Well done for today’s practical. Excellent time management and a huge improvement in the washing up. Keep it up.

Here are the photos. Also a gentle reminder that this Friday you need to hand in the worksheet of safety and hygiene in the kitchen, the preparation sheet with evaluation, the revision worksheet as well as the worksheet of vitamins.

Ms. Edera


Senior 3 Creaming Method Practical

Dear senior 3,

as I told you our next practical will be for the exam. You need to prepare either the Victoria sandwich cake or the cupcakes. The assignment title for the preparation sheet is:

Your cousin is turning 10. Prepare, cook and serve a Victoria Sandwich Cake or cupcakes using the creaming method.

Kindly follow the recipe on the handout which I gave you. These are the things that you need to get:

apron, all the ingredients, decoration items, tea towel, bun tin and cupcake cases (is doing the cupcakes), two equal sized cakes tins (if doing the Victoria sandwich cake, the tins should be about 20cm not bigger).

Emma, Emily, Shazay, Jake and Nicola – will cook on the 2nd May.

Yoonah, King, Max, Jay Kay and Victoria – will cook on the 2nd May.


Ms. Edera

Senior 3 Hummus Recipe and Rock Buns Practical

Dear Senior 3,

I am uploading the hummus recipe as well as the presentation of the things which you need to get for the practical of the rock buns which will be held on Tuesday 21st March. Please also note that the worksheet of Nuts, Cereals and Pulses will be collected on the 21st March. Those of you who did not hand in the half yearly revision worksheet, please do so on the same day.

Happy weekend!

Ms. Edera

hummus recipe

For next week rock buns