Senior 3 Revision Quiz and Answer Sheet

Dear senior 3 students,

first of all it has been a great pleasure teaching you. Each and every one of you is special and made this year an amazing one!

I am also attaching the quiz and answer sheet so that you can use it as a revision before the exam.

answer sheet S3 Revision Quiz

Wishing you the best of luck!

Ms. Edera


Senior 3 Practical

Dear senior 3 students,

on Friday 20th April you will have another practical. The assignment title is the following:

Prepare, cook and serve a meal for a pregnant woman. Also serve a nutritious, home-made drink with your meal.

Don’t forget to get the apron, all the ingredients for the meal and the drink, any storage container that you might need, tea towels and the decoration items.

Those of you who were absent, kindly ask me for a copy of the preparation sheet.


Ms. Edera

Senior 3 Shortcrust Pastry Practical

Dear senior 3 students,

on Friday 9th March, you have the practical of the shortcrust pastry. As I’ve explained, you need to prepare a sweet or savoury pie. You can get the filling ready from home, but the shortcrust pastry has to be made at school.

This is the assignment title for your preparation sheet:

Your cousin is coming over for lunch. Prepare, cook and serve a savoury or sweet dish using the shortcrust pastry. Also serve a nutritious home-made drink.

Ms. Edera