Senior 2b group 2 practical

Dear students,

Well done for today’s practical. Here are the photos of your work!


Senior 2A Reminder Practical

Dear students,

first of all, I hope that you have rested throughout these holidays. I would like to remind you that tomorrow, Monday 9th April, half of the class will have the pasta/rice practical. The students that will  be cooking tomorrow are:

Nikol, Frederica, Lama, Sam, Taisiya, Jeanine and Maya.

Don’t forget the apron, all the ingredients and the presentation items.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Ms. Edera

Home Ec S.2A Pasta/Rice Practical

Dear senior 2A students,

as I’ve explained, the first lesson after the Easter holidays we will have the practical.

Group 1 is composed of Nikol, Frederica, Lama, Sam, Taisiya, Jeanine and Maya. You will cook on the 9th April.

Group 2 is composed of Nicole, Kurt, Valeria, Nehan, Elijah and Jessica. You will cook on the 16th April.

Make sure that for your practical you get the apron, all the ingredients for your chosen dish and drink, a lunchbox for any extra pasta, and the presentation things e.g. a table mat.


Ms. Edera

Senior 2B Pasta/ Rice Practical

Dear senior 2B students,

as I’ve explained yesterday our next Home Economics lesson will be after the Easter holidays. Therefore on our next lesson we will be having a practical so that you won’t miss any cooking sessions.

Group 1 will be cooking on the 10th April. In this group there are Sven, Kyra, Khadija, Anastasia, Isaac and Luigi.

Group 2 will be cooking on the 17th April. In this group there are Jeremy, Denisa, Zvea, Elaf, Mariah and Nicolas.

I remind you that for the practical you need the apron, all the ingredients, tea towel, container to take the pasta / rice dish with you home, presentation items.


Ms. Edera

Important: Senior 1 and Senior 2

Dear senior 1 and senior 2 students,

those of you who still have to hand in any preparation sheets, are kindly asked to hand them in on Monday. I will not accept any preparation sheets after Monday as we need to finalise the marks on Powerschool.

It is your responsibility to hand in your work. Please note that any missing work will  reduce your assessment mark.

Ms. Edera