Senior 1A snacks practical

Dear senior 1A students

on Tuesday 12th June you have the practical of healthy snacks. Kindly make sure to get with you the ingredients of your chosen healthy snack/snacks, the decoration items, tea towel, any storage containers that you might need and the preparation sheets.

I remind you that when choosing which snack you are going to prepare, keep in mind the time that you have available, which is that of 80 minutes. So if your snack doesn’t take long to make, you can prepare a second snack.


Ms. Edera

Senior 1 breakfast practical

Dear senior 1 students,

Next week you will have the practical whereby you have to prepare a healthy breakfast. During the demonstration lesson, I showed you how to make pancakes. (Link of the recipe that I have used:

If you are making pancakes, make sure to get your own frying pan and cooking spray / butter to cook the pancakes. You can prepare another dish which is suitable for breakfast, just make sure that you are able to prepare it and that it can be prepared in the given time.

Also get the usual items including the apron, all the ingredients, a drink prepared from home, a tea towel, lunchbox, decoration items.

Moreover, for homework you have the worksheet including the task (menu card) and the preparation sheet.


Ms. Edera

Senior 1B Rubbing in Practical

Dear students,

as we have agreed this morning, we will be having the practical tomorrow 3rd May as the Gozo trip has been postponed to the 24th May.

Kindly make sure to get the apron, the ingredients, lunchbox, tea towel, decoration items and the preparation sheet of the rubbing-in method.

Ms. Edera