Senior 2b pie practical

Dear students,

Well done for today’s practical. Here are the photos.


Hospitality Senior 4

Dear students,

your test will be on the 22nd May. You will have the test on those criteria that are for the exam. These include:

C1, K2, K4, K6, C3, K9, K10, C5.

May I also remind you that on Monday 14th May, you need to hand in the past paper, May 2017 unit 2.

Ms. Edera

Hospitality Senior 3

Dear students,

may I remind you that you will have your hospitality exam on the 30th May. Moreover, you will have a test on the 21st May.

The criteria on which you will be assessed, both for the test and for the exam are:

K1, K3, C2, K7, C3, K8, K9, C5.

Ms. Edera

Senior 1B Rubbing in Practical

Dear students,

as we have agreed this morning, we will be having the practical tomorrow 3rd May as the Gozo trip has been postponed to the 24th May.

Kindly make sure to get the apron, the ingredients, lunchbox, tea towel, decoration items and the preparation sheet of the rubbing-in method.

Ms. Edera

Senior 1B rubbing in method practical

Dear senior 1B students,

for your next practical, which will be held on Thursday 10th May  , you need to prepare, cook and serve rock buns, scones or apple crumble. You have the recipes on your booklet, pages 29, 30 and 31.

Please also get the apron, the ingredients for your chosen dish, a drink (which can be prepared from home or else made at school), tea towel, a lunch box, a dish (if you are making the apple crumble), and decoration items. Also make sure to fill in the preparation sheet (leave out the Evaluation.)

I also remind you that I will be collecting the Evaluation of the Maltese trifle (unless completed in class) on Monday 30th April.


Ms. Edera