Learning about our students

Dear all,

this year is coming to an end however, Ms. Sue and Mr. Brian have already started planning for the theme of the upcoming scholastic year. To this effect, they require the help of the students and parents.

Each and every student is expected to create a presentation (this could be in the form of a ppt. video, a photostory, a paragraph etc..) about himself/herself. In the presentation you should include:

  • name and surname
  • class
  • age
  • family composition
  • talents
  • fears and joys
  • dreams and hopes
  • any other information which shows who you truly are.

The title of the presentation should be ‘Who am I?’ . Kindly send your presentations by the 15th July on sue.midolo@stcatherines.eu and on brian.gauci@stcatherines.eu. The title of the email should read ‘Presentation of  ……. (name and surname of child and class next year)’.

Many thanks and happy weekend,

Ms. Edera

Eden Cinema Outing

Dear parents and students,

please note that today a letter circular has been handed out about the outing to the Eden Cinema. We will be going to the cinema on Wednesday 27th June. If you are coming, kindly bring along 6.50euro together with the form. If you are not coming you still have to return the form. The deadline is Monday 18th June.

For the outing, the students are expected to come in full uniform. They are to get a small bag with them with a packed lunch and drink and some pocket money if they wish to (we will be spending some time at the games room).

Happy weekend,

Ms. Edera

Senior 1A snacks practical

Dear senior 1A students

on Tuesday 12th June you have the practical of healthy snacks. Kindly make sure to get with you the ingredients of your chosen healthy snack/snacks, the decoration items, tea towel, any storage containers that you might need and the preparation sheets.

I remind you that when choosing which snack you are going to prepare, keep in mind the time that you have available, which is that of 80 minutes. So if your snack doesn’t take long to make, you can prepare a second snack.


Ms. Edera

Last lesson senior 4

Dear senior 4 students

Today we had our last lesson for this scholastic year. It was a great pleasure having you in class and teaching you. I wish you the best of luck for your exams. Make sure to use your time wisely and study hard. Take care.

Ms. Edera

Senior 2A reminder

Dear senior 2A students,

may I remind you that tomorrow Monday 4th June you will not be having the practical as I will be out of school. Instead you will have the practical on Monday 11th June. Kindly pair up or else work in groups otherwise we won’t have enough space in the ovens.


Ms. Edera