Learning about our students

Dear all,

this year is coming to an end however, Ms. Sue and Mr. Brian have already started planning for the theme of the upcoming scholastic year. To this effect, they require the help of the students and parents.

Each and every student is expected to create a presentation (this could be in the form of a ppt. video, a photostory, a paragraph etc..) about himself/herself. In the presentation you should include:

  • name and surname
  • class
  • age
  • family composition
  • talents
  • fears and joys
  • dreams and hopes
  • any other information which shows who you truly are.

The title of the presentation should be ‘Who am I?’ . Kindly send your presentations by the 15th July on sue.midolo@stcatherines.eu and on brian.gauci@stcatherines.eu. The title of the email should read ‘Presentation of  ……. (name and surname of child and class next year)’.

Many thanks and happy weekend,

Ms. Edera

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