Hospitality Exams

Dear hospitality students,

kindly check your inbox as I have sent you revision questions and answers of the criteria that are for the exam. Make sure that you study them for your exam, which will be this Wednesday 30th May at 10am. I remind you that for the exam you need to get your i.d. card or your passport.


Ms. Edera

Senior 1 breakfast practical

Dear senior 1 students,

Next week you will have the practical whereby you have to prepare a healthy breakfast. During the demonstration lesson, I showed you how to make pancakes. (Link of the recipe that I have used:

If you are making pancakes, make sure to get your own frying pan and cooking spray / butter to cook the pancakes. You can prepare another dish which is suitable for breakfast, just make sure that you are able to prepare it and that it can be prepared in the given time.

Also get the usual items including the apron, all the ingredients, a drink prepared from home, a tea towel, lunchbox, decoration items.

Moreover, for homework you have the worksheet including the task (menu card) and the preparation sheet.


Ms. Edera

National Dietary Guidelines for Children

Last Thursday, the National Dietary Guidelines for Maltese Children were launched. The Health, Physical Education and Consumer Studies Dept of the Faculty of Education and the Home Economics Seminar Centre of the Education Directorate were both members of the team working on developing these guidelines. 

Here is the link of the guidelines,

Click to access Dietary%20Guidelines%20english.pdf

Ms. Edera