Senior 4 SEC Practical

Dear senior 4 students,

as I’ve explained, after the Easter holidays, you will have your first SEC practical.

On the 10th April, you will have the written Preparation Sheet. On this day you will be given a test paper with two possible assignment titles. You need to choose one title, choose an adequate recipe from the ones that you will get with you (meal and drink) and complete the preparation sheet in class. So make sure that you prepare the recipes for healthy meals and healthy drinks (ingredients have to be metric e.g. grams and ml NOT ounces, pounds or cups. The recipe has to serve for one or two persons). I remind you that salads can only be used as a side and water is not accepted.

On the 17th April, you will have the actual practical, whereby you will be cooking your chosen dish.

On the 19th April, you will have to fill in the Evaluation of the preparation sheet.

Make sure that you know how to fill in the preparation sheet properly.

Possible scenarios for the assignment titles – Make sure that you find and get with you adequate recipes for the possible scenarios

1. A pregnant woman
2. Someone who suffers of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension)
3. School-aged children
4. Vegetarians (mostly lacto and lacto-ovo vegetarians)
5. Someone suffering of constipation or diverticular disease (so you need to have a meal that is high in fibre)
6. An athlete or someone very active. (so get recipes high in carbohydrates e.g. pasta)
7. Someone who is overweight or obese thus needs to follow a slimming diet. (E.g. a dish with chicken or fish would be ideal)
8. Someone who suffers of heart disease / CHD.
9. Someone who is diabetic.
10. Someone who is lactose intolerant (no milk or dairy)
11. Someone who is coeliac (no wheat, rye or barley products)
12. Someone who has a sedentary job (always sitting down e.g. secretary – So no food high in carbs as they do not use a lot of energy)
13. Elderly people
Ms. Edera

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