Senior 4 SEC Preparation Sheet

Dear senior 4 students,

I hope that you are all enjoying your holidays. I am attaching a sample preparation sheet. Make sure that you know how to properly fill in a preparation sheet as on Tuesday 10th April you will have to fill in the SEC preparation sheet. I remind you that on the day you also have to get the recipes with you.

Preparation Sheet Sample Work

Ms Edera

Hospitality Exams

Dear hospitality students,

please note that both senior 3 and senior 4 students have the hospitality exam on 30th May at 10am. I remind you that you have to study only those handouts which have the word ‘controlled’ on them. This is the list of the criteria that you have to study:

Unit 1 (Senior 3 students)

K1, K3, C2, C3, K7, K8, K9, C5. Please note that we still have to cover the last three criteria.

Unit 2 (Senior 4 students + Giulia)

C1, K2, K4, K6, C3, K9, K10, C5. Please note that we still have to cover the last four criteria.


Ms. Edera

Collection of Batteries

Dear students,

may I remind you that if you have any unwanted batteries, kindly bring them over to school and leave them at Ms. Natasha’s office. The school is participating in a competition and prizes will be given for the school that collects the most batteries. Moreover, we would be disposing of them appropriately as batteries cannot be put with the rest of the waste.

Thank you in advance,

Ms. Edera

Senior 1b Important notice

Dear students

May I remind you that tomorrow thursday 22nd March, during the 4th and 5th lessons you will have a talk by SOS Malta who are doing a project to build a school in Uganda.

You are kindly asked to bring with you any donations to be given in aid of this project.

Thank you in advance,

Ms. Edera

Home Economics Practicals – Table laying ideas

Dear students,

I hope that you are enjoying these free days. Today I am going to give you some ideas how you can improve the table set-up for practical sessions.

  1. Use a table cloth.
  2. Use a table mat that complements the colour of the table cloth. e.g. a brown table cloth and a turquoise table mat.
  3. You can be creative and make your own table runner. I found this pretty floral table runner on Pinterest which would be lovely for spring time. What You’ll Need: Find the materials you’ll at You will need a pre-made garland and variety of colorful silk flower sprays. Step 1: Start by laying
  4. You can use modern plates e.g a ceramic white square or round dinner plate and side plate.
  5. You can use a mason jar that complements the rest of the table set-up. The jar can be used to serve your drink or else to put some flowers in it. Example: In Just 6 Easy Steps Create Ombre-Tinted Mason Jars | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Twinkle tights and seashells in a mason jar cozy summer decor

6. For a sweet dish e.g. cupcakes or rock buns you can use a tiered cake stand.

7. You can also buy a cloth napkin which can be folded in a fancy way.

Make this spiral napkin fold to dress up your table and impress your dinner guests! Find 20 Plus unique Napkin folds here to inspire you!

8. If the assignment is set for tea time, you can also get a tea, coffee, sugar set.

10 Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

I hope that these ideas were of help. Looking forward to seeing your table setups for the practicals.

Ms. Edera

Home Ec S.2A Pasta/Rice Practical

Dear senior 2A students,

as I’ve explained, the first lesson after the Easter holidays we will have the practical.

Group 1 is composed of Nikol, Frederica, Lama, Sam, Taisiya, Jeanine and Maya. You will cook on the 9th April.

Group 2 is composed of Nicole, Kurt, Valeria, Nehan, Elijah and Jessica. You will cook on the 16th April.

Make sure that for your practical you get the apron, all the ingredients for your chosen dish and drink, a lunchbox for any extra pasta, and the presentation things e.g. a table mat.


Ms. Edera

Senior 4 SEC Practical

Dear senior 4 students,

as I’ve explained, after the Easter holidays, you will have your first SEC practical.

On the 10th April, you will have the written Preparation Sheet. On this day you will be given a test paper with two possible assignment titles. You need to choose one title, choose an adequate recipe from the ones that you will get with you (meal and drink) and complete the preparation sheet in class. So make sure that you prepare the recipes for healthy meals and healthy drinks (ingredients have to be metric e.g. grams and ml NOT ounces, pounds or cups. The recipe has to serve for one or two persons). I remind you that salads can only be used as a side and water is not accepted.

On the 17th April, you will have the actual practical, whereby you will be cooking your chosen dish.

On the 19th April, you will have to fill in the Evaluation of the preparation sheet.

Make sure that you know how to fill in the preparation sheet properly.

Possible scenarios for the assignment titles – Make sure that you find and get with you adequate recipes for the possible scenarios

1. A pregnant woman
2. Someone who suffers of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension)
3. School-aged children
4. Vegetarians (mostly lacto and lacto-ovo vegetarians)
5. Someone suffering of constipation or diverticular disease (so you need to have a meal that is high in fibre)
6. An athlete or someone very active. (so get recipes high in carbohydrates e.g. pasta)
7. Someone who is overweight or obese thus needs to follow a slimming diet. (E.g. a dish with chicken or fish would be ideal)
8. Someone who suffers of heart disease / CHD.
9. Someone who is diabetic.
10. Someone who is lactose intolerant (no milk or dairy)
11. Someone who is coeliac (no wheat, rye or barley products)
12. Someone who has a sedentary job (always sitting down e.g. secretary – So no food high in carbs as they do not use a lot of energy)
13. Elderly people
Ms. Edera