Granola bars recipe

For all those who asked me for the granola recipe, here it is.

Ms. Edera

granola recipe


Senior 5 Investigations

Dear senior 5 students,

please note that by the 14th February, all the investigations have to be printed and bound and handed over to me please.

Those students who haven’t yet finished the investigation, are kindly asked to send me their work via email till the 10th February, latest. Please note that the printed version of your investigation will reflect the final mark of your work. Thus you won’t be able to do the necessary corrections to improve your mark.


Ms. Edera

Senior 1B Breakfast Practical

Dear 1b students

may  I remind you that tomorrow Thursday 25th January you have the healthy breakfast practical. Don’t forget to get the apron, all the ingredients for the breakfast + drink, tea towels, decoration items and storage containers.

You also have to hand in the preparation sheet as well as the breakfast worksheet + menu card (part of the worksheet).

Ms. Edera