Ms Edera Azzopardi

Reminders for the upcoming two days


Dear senior 1B students,

may I remind you that tomorrow Wednesday 20th December will be a day dedicated to literacy. You will have a day full of activities, so no usual lessons will take place. Please, don’t forget to get your favourite reading book (it can be in any language) and if you can/want get a cushion so we’ll sit on it in a circle.

On Thursday, we will start the day by wrapping the food which you got, then at 10am we’ll leave for the AAA. Remember that you need to pay 3euro for the transport. Also if you wish, you can donate 2euro to the AAA. On the day you come wearing casual clothes and if you wish you can also wear a Christmas hat.

On Thursday as well, we will have the secret santa so don’t forget to get the gift with you. On the wrapping paper please write down the name of the receiver of the gift. Do not write from who the gift is, that’s why it’s SECRET santa.

See you all tomorrow 🙂

Ms. Edera