Senior 1A Rubbing in Practical

Dear senior 1A students,

next Thursday 12th December you will have your second practical. In this practical you are going to practise the rubbing-in method, whereby you have to cook and serve rock buns or scones. The recipes are found in the booklet.

As usual, you have to get the apron, the ingredients for the rock buns or scones and the ingredients for your drink (you can prepare the drink from home), a lunchbox to put the buns/scones in it, tea towels and decoration items.

The groups for the cooking are as follows:

Cain, Kathryn and Cathrina, Jean Paul, Hisham and Liam, Alice and Maria M, Karl and Luke, Kayleigh, Maria P.


Ms. Edera

Senior 1B Dress Rehearsal

Dear students,

as you know next Monday 11th December we have a dress rehearsal. A letter circular has been given out to you today. May I remind you that by this Thursday 7th December, you are asked to get 5.50euro which covers the transport and the props that will be used throughout the show.

Those students who are not participating in the Christmas concert, are asked to pay 3.50euro which covers the transport. These students are expected to come for the dress rehearsal on Monday.

Regarding the costume, may I remind you that the girls have to wear black trousers/leggings and a black long sleeved top. Make sure that you wear black/dark underwear. Wear the school shoes and on Monday we will see if you will dance in your shoes or barefoot.

Apart from the 5:50euro each student (girls) have to pay 4.72euro for the tutu. This price includes the tulle and the elastic.

The boys are asked to wear black trousers, a black shirt and a tie which I will be sewing for you. The boys have to pay 85c for the tie.


Ms. Edera