Christmas Activities

Dear parents and students,

As you might be aware, this year each class has chosen an organisation which we will be helping for the reverse advent calendar activity. My class (senior 1b) has chosen the AAA, an association that helps abandoned dogs. I have contacted the AAA, and whilst thanking us for choosing to help them, Mr. Rosalind Agius explained that what is most needed are dog food, dog treats and donations to pay for vet fees. Thus, each student is kindly asked to get an item on the day when it would be his/her turn (calendar is in the class). Also, I will be getting a piggy bank and students, on a voluntary basis, can give their donations which will then be presented to the AAA, on the 20th December together with the donated items.

Other activities:

On Monday 4th December, we will be having a pyjamas day. Those of you who are coming in your pjs, please also get 50c as a donation which will go for the senior 5 end of school event. Students who are not going to wear their pyjamas, are asked to come to school wearing the uniform.

Also, as from, Monday 4th December students can start posting Christmas cards to their friends or teachers. Kindly write the name of the designated person and the class and put the cards in a post box infront of Ms. Natasha’s office.

I thank you for your cooperation.

Ms. Edera


Senior 3 practical

Dear senior 3,

Well done for your first practical. You were very organised and had good time management 🙂 Here are the photos.

Happy weekend

Ms. Edera