Seior 1b Maltese trifle practical

Dear senior 1b students,

You did really really well during the practical. Most of you showed excellent cooking and organisational skills, you worked really well in a team and did a great presentation. Well done 🙂 Those of you who felt weak on the presentation of your dish, we will work on it 😉 Here are the photos.


Senior 5 SEC Practical 2

Dear Senior 5 students,

the following are the dates for your second SEC practical.

7th December – Preparation Sheet. Get with you the recipes of the dishes and the drinks which would be suitable for the possible scenarios.

14th December – Practical. You will cook the meal that you have chosen in your preparation sheet. Remember to get the apron, all the ingredients for your meal and drink, tea towels and decoration items.

18th December – Evaluation. You will complete the Evaluation on the Preparation Sheet.

Some possible scenarios for your practical include:

1. A pregnant woman
2. Someone who suffers of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension)
3. School-aged children
4. Vegetarians (lacto vegetarian and lacto-ovo vegetarian)
5. Someone suffering of constipation or diverticular disease (so you need to have a meal high in fibre)
6. An athlete or someone very active. (so get recipes high in carbohydrates e.g. pasta)
7. Someone who is overweight or obese thus needs to follow a slimming diet. (E.g. a dish with chicken or fish would be ideal)
8. Someone who suffers of heart disease / CHD.
9. Someone who is diabetic.
10. Someone who is lactose intolerant (no milk or dairy)
11. Someone who is coeliac (no wheat products)
12. Someone who has a sedentary job (always sitting down e.g. secretary – So no food high in carbs as they do not use a lot of energy)
13. Elderly people

Regards Ms. Edera