Senior 1B Christmas Costume

Dear parents and students,

for our item of the Christmas concert it was decided that:

a. the girls will wear black leggings (make sure they are not see-through please), a plain black long sleeved shirt and a rainbow tutu which I will be doing myself for the students.

b. the boys will wear black trousers/jeans and a plain black long sleeved shirt. I will be providing them with a coloured tie to match the girls’ tutu.

Happy weekend

Ms. Edera


Senior 2A Practical

Dear students,

as you know, on Monday 20th November, the first group of students will have their pasta/rice practical. I would appreciate if you could get a small pot and a frying pan (if you need it for your meal) as there aren’t enough for everyone in the Home Ec room. The new equipment will be purchased later on in the upcoming week.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Ms. Edera