Senior 1B Maltese Trifle Practical

Dear Senior 1B students,

as I have explained during the lesson, next week you will have your first practical which is the Maltese trifle. The practical will be on Thursday 23rd November.

On the day of the practical make sure to get:

a. the preparation sheet (leave out the evaluation)

b. the apron

c. the ingredients for the trifle – you need to decide with your partner /group who is going to get which ingredients. Regarding the sponge, in the demonstration I used two sponges and not one, as listed in your booklet. So you might want to get two as well  instead of one sponge cake.

d. decoration items – you need to lay the table. You can get a table cloth, a table mat, some flowers etc.

e. a dish which is a bit deep so as to layer the trifle in it. You might want to make two small trifles, rather than a big one. I will leave it up to you.

f. a lunchbox to carry the trifle in it. Especially if you are making a big one which has to be divided between two.

g. two tea towels to dry the dishes.

Ms. Edera


Senior 5 Whisking Method Practical

Dear senior 5 students,

this is the assignment title for your practical of the whisking method.

Your cousin is coming over to your house for teatime. Prepare, cook and serve a Swiss roll or a fruit flan using the whisking method. Also serve a nutritious, home-made drink.

May I remind you that I will collect the preparation sheet on Monday 20th November. The practical will be held on the 30th November.

For the practical please get the apron, all the ingredients for your chosen dish and drink, the flan tin (if you’re making the fruit flan), 2 tea towels, non-stick spray for the fruit flan or baking paper for the Swiss roll and decoration items.


Ms. Edera