Senior 2A Pasta Practical

Dear senior 2A students,

as I told you during the lesson, next Monday 20th November the first group will have their pasta/rice practical. The second group will have their practical on the 4th December.

The first group who will be cooking consists of: Kai, Hedaya, Jana, Noor, Jacques, Jacob and Jessica L.

On the day of the practical please get:

a. the preparation sheet in a plastic folder.

b. the apron

c. the ingredients for your chosen dish as well as the ingredients for the drink (you can prepare the drink from home).

d. two tea towels to dry the dishes.

e. the decoration items to lay the table.

f. if you need a frying pan and you can get it to school, kindly get it with you.

g. a lunchbox to put the pasta in it after the practical.


Ms. Edera


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