PSCD Seminar – Update

Dear all,

the PSCD seminar will be held on the 30th November instead of this Thursday.

Ms. Edera


Halloween Party

Dear students,

may I remind you please that next Monday we need to start decorating our classroom for Halloween. Therefore if you can get any decorations related to Halloween I would appreciate a lot.

Also, please get 3euro by Friday 20th October if you would like to come for the Halloween party. The party will be held on the 31st October from 19:00 till 21:00. You can come dressed in casual clothes or preferably in a fancy costume related to Halloween.

I encourage you to come because it will be a memorable night!

Ms. Edera

HW Policy and Punctuality

Dear students,

may I remind you that next Monday, 9th October, two important policies will commence. The first one is the HW Policy, so make sure to get the homework which is due. Otherwise you will be sent down to Ms. Giselle’s office.

The second policy that will start is the Punctuality policy. Students who arrive later than 8:50, will be sent to Ms. Giselle’s office and will miss the first lesson. Those students who use the school transport and arrive late, will be allowed to join the first lesson.

Happy weekend 🙂

Ms. Edera