Senior 1B Important deadlines

May I please remind you that the deadline to apply for any after school activity has been extended to tomorrow 29th September. Give any application forms and fees to Ms. Natasha.

Friday 29th September is also the deadline to hand in the consent forms of the Christmas Concert.

The deadline of the letter to future self (please put in a sealed envelope, with your name and surname) is the 9th October.

Those who haven’t yet handed in the update forms, please do so at your earliest.

Many thanks,

Ms. Edera


Senior 1B Letter to Future Self

Dear senior 1B students,

as  I’ve explained in class, you are required to write a letter to your future self. Please seal this letter in an envelope and make sure to write down your name and surname. This letter will be given back to you on your Graduation Day in senior 5.

Deadline for this letter is 9th October. 

P.S. You can write the letter in Maltese, English or your native language.

Ms. Edera

Welcome back to school!

Dear students,

Going back to school after a lengthy summer break can be a time of anxiety or even a bit of sadness. However, you know that at St. Catherine’s we are one big family and us teachers will be there for each and every one of you.

A warm welcome to all senior 1 students who will be joining our senior school as from tomorrow. Senior 1B students will be spending the first two lessons with me and Ms. Taraef. We will get to know each other and start off the year together.

Wishing you all a wonderful scholastic year!

Ms. Edera 🙂 x