Senior 1A Pizza Practical

Dear senior 1A,

as I’ve explained in class, next practical will be that of the pizza.

Group 1 consists of Sam and Jake, Lama, Elaf, Frederika, Jeanine and Qassim. This group will cook on the 11th May.

Group 2 consists of Shaia, Mariah, Anastasia and Jessica, Maisie and Zvea. This group will cook on the 25th May.

You need to get the

Apron (unless at school)

ingredients for the dough (you need to make the dough yourself as I demonstrated. Refer to page 39 of booklet)

the pizza sauce and toppings.

tea towel

foil / lunchbox (to put the pizza in it)

decoration items

the baking tray (at school I have rectangular ones)


Ms. Edera


Senior 2 Shortcrust Pastry Practical

Dear senior 2,

as I have explained for the next practical you need to prepare a healthy savoury or sweet pie. I demonstarted the ricotta pie and apple pie, however you can choose your own filling. To save time, you can prepare the filling from home, especially if doing a chicken pie, meat pie etc.

For the practical you need to get:


ingredients for the dough (refer to booklet for recipe)


dish (not bigger than 20cm)

tea towel

decoration items

preparation sheet

foil / lunchbox (to take the pie with you home)

any cutters to cut out the pastry (optional)

First group will cook on the 11th May. This group consists of Julia, Gaia, Samantha, Leanne, Kimberley, Kyle and Gianluca.
The second group will cook on the 25th May. This group consists of Mia, Rodaina, Abigail, Krysta, Mireille, Karim, Abdul and Omaima.


Ms. Edera