Senior 4 SEC practical

Dear senior 4,

The first practical for the o level is done 🙂 next Tuesday we will do the evaluation so as to conclude the written component. Here are the photos of the end result.

Ms. Edera


Senior 2 group 2 pie practical

Dear senior 2 students,

may I remind you that tomorrow Thursday 25th May is the turn of the second group to cook a savoury or sweet pie using the home-made shortcrust pastry. The recipe is in your booklet (page 28-29). Apart from ricotta pie or apple pie, you can choose to make any other pie, however get the filling prepared from home so that we will save time.

Don’t forget to get the apron with you as well as the decoration items for the presentation of the table. Get a pie dish, tea towel and foil too so that you can cover the pie and take it home.

The other group who already had their practical, are kindly reminded to get the preparation sheet with the completed evaluation.

Ms. Edera

Senior 1A group 2 pizza practical

Dear senior 1A students,

tomorrow Thursday 25th May is the turn of the second group to cook the home-made pizza. The students who will be cooking are:

Shaia, Mariah (you will be excused if you cannot cook), Anastasia, Jessica, Maisie and Zvea.

Please remember to follow the recipe for the pizza dough which I gave you in the booklet (page 39). With regards to the toppings you can choose any ingredients which you want. Also don’t forget to get the decoration items for the presentation of the table, a tea towel as well as a big lunchbox so that you can slice the pizza and put it in the lunchbox.

Ms. Edera

Senior 1 open day

Dear senior 1,

Some reminders for tomorrow’s open day.

1. Come wearing green clothes from home. If wearing shorts, skirt or dress make sure that they are knee length.

2. Wear your school shoes.

3. After the record you can stay in your green clothes or else change into your uniform.

4. For the outdoor activity, please get with you papers, crayons or pencil colours, pencil or pen and a watch (the latter is optional).

5. Remember to get the homework which its due date is tomorrow as it will still be collected by the respective teachers.

See you all tomorrow!

Ms. Edera

Senior 3 creaming method group 2

Dear senior 3 students,

Well done for today’s practical. Excellent time management and a huge improvement in the washing up. Keep it up.

Here are the photos. Also a gentle reminder that this Friday you need to hand in the worksheet of safety and hygiene in the kitchen, the preparation sheet with evaluation, the revision worksheet as well as the worksheet of vitamins.

Ms. Edera


Senior 4 Chapter 2 Investigation

Dear Senior 4

as I’ve explained in class, the deadline to send via email Chapter 2 of the investigation is the 30th of May. May I remind you that you need  to complete:

web diagram 1, web diagram 2, analysis of web diagram 2 and the plan of action.

Kindly check your email for further details.

Also a gentle reminder to print the SEC past paper May 2016 paper 1 and 2A and get it with you on Friday 19th May. So that while half of the group is cooking, the other half will work out some of the questions which I will tell you from the past paper.

Ms. Edera

18th May Open Day

Dear all,
Attached please find the circular regarding the 18th of May event, part of which will be the Guinness World Record that we will be attempting to break as a School.
Should you have any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact Mr Brian on or Ms Sue on
With regards to the outdoor lesson, Ms. Analise, Ms. Latimer, Ms. Cauchi and I have prepared a fun code hunt which I am sure all students will enjoy. Parents are welcome to join us and participate!
Happy weekend!
Ms. Edera