Hospitality – What to study for the exam

Dear hospitality students,

as I have already told you, your exam for Unit 1 will be on Friday 26th May at 10 am. Exam is to be held at school. It will be 90 minutes long.

These are the criteria which you have to study for the exam:

K1 – Define tourism, hospitality and the different types of tourism.

K3 – List the principles of sustainable tourism and its benefits to society.

C2 – Discuss the contribution and effects of tourism to the Maltese economy.

K7 – Outline different job roles in the hospitality industry.

C3 – Explain the job skills required to work effectively with customers and colleagues.

K8 – Outline the basic principles of effective communication.

K9 – Explain how the communication cycle works.

C5: Explain ways of dealing with different customers including those requiring special assistance (still to be covered in class).



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