Senior 1a group 1 pudding practical

Dear senior 1A students,

Well done to those who had their practical today. Here are the photos.

Enjoy your long weekend

Ms. Edera


Senior 1A pudding practical

Dear senior 1A students,

may I remind you that tomorrow 30th March, the first group will have their bread pudding practical. The students who will cook tomorrow are: Lama, Zvea and Maisie, Jake, Shaia and Sam, Mariah. You need to get:

the apron (unless you have it at school), all the ingredients for the pudding, the baking dish with baking paper, a lunchbox in which to put the pudding, decoration items such as a table cloth, candles, flowers etc, and a tea towel for the washing up.


Ms. Edera

Senior 4 Investigation ppt.

Dear senior 4,

attached please find the ppt. with the information about the investigation. The titles  in the ppt. are only suggestions and you should not limit yourself to those titles. As soon as you have an idea of a title that interests you kindly let me know at school or send an email on


Ms. Edera

Ppt: presentation

Hospitality outings

Dear all,

The students who study hospitality and I went on two outings at two local hotels. The aims of the outings were to get a hands on experience and more knowledge about the different job roles in a hotel as well as the skills that are needed to work in the hospitality industry. Here are some photos.

Alternative Students Reminders

Dear students,

there are some reminders for the upcoming week.

Senior 2 – get the things for the emoji cushions please. You will need yellow/black/white felt, needle and thread, scissors.

Senior 3B – get the pizza toppings and sauce for Monday 20th March.

Senior 3A – get the things for the emoji pillows so that we can finish them.

Senior 1B – get the things for the emoji pillows so that we can finish them.


Ms. Edera

Senior 2 Pasta/ Rice Practical

Dear senior 2 students,

may I remind you that on Thursday 23rd March the first group will cook their chosen pasta/rice dish. I will give you back the corrected preparation sheets on Monday 20th March.

The first group who will cook on the 23rd are: Kimberley, Gaia, Kyle, Rodaina, Gianluca, Leanne and Abdul. Please get the apron, all the necessary ingredients, tea towel and decoration items for the laying of the table example table cloth, flowers, candles, menu card etc. and the storage container where to put the cooked pasta/rice.

The second group will cook on Thursday 6th April. The second group are Krysta, Abigail, Mia, Mireille, Karim, Samantha, Julia and Omaima.


Ms. Edera