Hospitality Assignment

Dear Hospitality students,

first of all I hope that you are enjoying your holidays (and working on your assignment!)

May I remind you that the deadline for sending me the hospitality assignment 1 task 2 (the ppt. presentation for K5, C1, K6) is the 31st of December. Make sure that you follow my notes so that you mention all the important points. May I also remind you that you cannot copy and paste my notes or any information from the internet as it would result in plagiarism.

Please send your assignments to or

Best regards,

Ms. Edera


Thank you!

I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone for the lovely Christmas gifts. I truly appreciate.

Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all 🙂 x

Ms. Edera

Senior 1B Imp. Notices

Dear Senior 1B,

next Tuesday for the multi-activity marathon, we are going to St. Vincent de Paul. As I’ve told you, Ms. Natasha informed me that we will not do the Christmas concert item, and that we will be singing several Christmas carols in the wards. Next Monday, I will give you the lyrics of the carols which we will be singing. In the meantime, if you feel like doing some karaoke this weekend, here is the list of songs:

Jingle Bells

We wish you a merry christmas

Deck the halls

Silent night

12 Days of Christmas

O come all ye faithful


All I want for Christmas

Santa Clause is coming to town.

Jingle bell rock.

With regards to the secret Santa (which was your idea), may I remind you that this is on a voluntary basis. The budget is of 5euro. If you want to spend more it is up to you. The aim of the secret Santa is to show one another that we care and that we are one family. If you got the name of a student who you don’t get along really well, take this as an opportunity to start off friendship with him/her. After all, this is what Christmas is all about. The gifts will be given out on the day of the party, Wednesday 21st. The person who got Denisa, has to get the gift next Monday as she will be abroad as from Tuesday. The same goes for Denisa who needs to give the gift on Monday too. 


Ms. Edera

Senior 1B christmas carols

Dear senior 1B,

here are the links of the christmas songs which we have chosen to sing for the marathon day. Try to learn the lyrics because we need to sing them next Tuesday!

Jingle Bell Rock –

Santa clause is coming to town. Skip to 0.38 seconds –


Ms. Edera

Senior 1A Breakfast Practical

Dear senior 1A students,

As you know, tomorrow you have the breakfast practical. You need to prepare a healthy breakfast consisting of food items and a healthy drink. Some ideas include banana pancakes (don’t get ready made batters), savoury muffins, scrambled egg on toast, fruit parfait etc. Since these do not take long to prepare, you can choose to make 2 items instead of one. With regards to drinks you can prepare a milkshake with fresh fruits, or a smoothie, or tea…

Remember that for homework you have to hand in the breakfast preparation sheet and the other breakfast worksheet including the menu card for the task.

Please also get the apron, tea towel and decoration items.


Ms. Edera

Senior 1b other notices

Some further notices please:

I have paid the 1.50euro for the glowsticks which you will use tomorrow from the 20euro which you have paid for the costumes. I will give you the change of the costumes next week.

Also note that the sheets which I have given you for the collection of money will have to be returned by the 19th December. Even if you do not collect any money, the sheet has to be returned back.

Finally, please try to get some Christmas decorations so that we can decorate the class and get into the Christmas spirit.


Ms. Edera