Senior 3 Revision Quiz

Dear senior 3

I am uploading the revision quiz which we have covered in our last two lessons. You can access the quiz by clicking here: Revision Quiz

This is the answer sheet of the quiz: answer sheet

Good luck for your exams.

Ms. Edera


Senior 4 Revision Quiz

Dear Senior 4,

I am uploading the revision quiz which we have started in the lesson. We managed to cover till waste management. I am also attaching the answer sheet of the quiz questions. I suggest that after you study, you test yourself by doing the quiz and then check your answers with the answer sheet I’m giving you.

Quiz: Revision Quiz

Answer sheet: answer sheet

I wish you the best of luck for your exams. It has been a true pleasure teaching you this year and I will miss you all during the summer 🙂 We will be in contact via emails for the investigation. REMEMBER: WE NEED TO FINISH THE INVESTIGATION IN THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS.

Ms. Edera 🙂

Stop using Lamb Brand Sultanas

The Health Directorate has just issued a warning for the public to stop using Lamb brand sultanas because they have found that it exceeds the safe limits of ochratoxins A. Too much of OTA can damage the kidneys.

Here is a link to the article:

Senior 3 Revision Pack Re-uploaded

Dear senior 3,

since you have told me that the revision pack cannot be opened, I am uploading it again. Please inform me whether you can access it or not.

Deadline for handing in the pack is Wednesday 8th June.

Try to access the pack by clicking on the link below:

food, nutrition and health revision pack

If the above link does not work, click on the one below:

food, nutrition and health revision pack


Ms. Edera