Senior 4 practical

Dear senior 4,

Following yesterday’s demonstration lesson, I am uploading the assignment title and the things you need for next practical.

So next practical is about the creaming method. You shall prepare either the Victoria sandwich cake OR the cupcakes using the creaming method (the method we did by hand not with the food mixer). You find the recipes on the handout which I have given you. Michela, since you were absent, here is the handout. The Creaming Method. I will give you the preparation sheet on the 4th April.

The assignment title is: Your friend is throwing a birthday party. Prepare, cook and serve a Victoria sandwich cake or some cupcakes for the party using the creaming method.  Also serve a nutritious drink.

Group 1 are: Alessia, Rachele, Alaa, Timea, Laura, Li. These students will cook on Friday 8th April.

Group 2 are: Michela, Enrico, Deborah, Sam, Celine, Danica. You will cook on Friday 22nd April. We can’t make it on the 15th because there will be the ceremony of the senior 5’s.

Things to get:


All ingredients for the sandwich cake or the cupcakes. Including the filling ingredients for the sandwich cake and any other ingredients needed for the decoration and presentation. Example yoghurt, strawberries or other fruit, sprinkles, icing sugar, whipping cream and food colouring.

Ingredients for the drink

Bun tin and cupcake cases (if you will make the cupcakes)

2 same sized cake tins and baking paper for each tin (if you will make the sandwich cake). Diametre of the cake tins should not be larger than 19-20cm. You can use foil tins too.

Knife to chop the fruit

Piping bag (if you will make whipped cream for the presentation)

Things for the presentation. You may get: table cloth, cupcake/cake stand, menu card, serving plate, balloons, serving glass for drink, flowers, candles, etc…

Dish cloth

Container to carry the cake or cupcakes with you

A bottle or container for any extra whipping cream.

Remember to do the preparation sheet cautiously as this will be the last one before the practical for the o’level. Make sure that for the reasons for choice, you do not focus only on the nutritional value, but you also need to make reference to the dish chosen and the assignment title, the time management, the cost of the  meal, the colour, flavour and texture, the presentation etc.

These are the photos which I took yesterday.


Wish you all a happy Easter. Enjoy your holidays but make sure to start studying too!

Ms. Edera


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