Senior 2A pasta practical

Dear senior 2,

I am uploading the groups, as you shall be cooking for the first practical, which is a pasta/rice based dish.

Group 1 – abdul, martin, julian, asia, jay-kay, emily, ava, jake, ashref, faham, matthias, polina. These students will cook on 1st march.

Group 2 – tima, jade, naomi, sophia, francesca, yoon-ah, jimena, king, tqwa, hatoun. These students will cook on 15th march, as on the 8th march, the lesson will be missed due to parents day.

Things to get for the practical:

  1. apron and cap
  2. all the ingredients for the chosen dish – please remember to choose  a dish that can be prepared and cooked in about 70 minutes If in doubt please ask me.
  3. get decoration items so as to serve your meal e.g. table cloth, table mat, a menu card, flowers, a nice serving plate, etc..
  4. a dish cloth to dry the dishes.

Remember that you can cook alone, in pairs or in groups of three. Calculate to get about 80g of pasta for each person, not more.

For the preparation sheet, I suggest that for now you leave it out and I’ll explain how to fill it in next lesson, as I didn’t have time to go through it yesterday.


Ms. Edera


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