Senior 4 swiss roll or fruit flan

Good morning senior 4.

Firstly I would like to thank all those who helped me with the washing up.

So, as I told you next practical will be the Swiss roll OR the fruit flan.

If you are going to do the swiss roll, get the following:

6 eggs

150 g self raising flour

150g sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Coconuts for rolling up the swiss roll

For the filling choose any : yoghurt (any flavour), any fruits for the filling and for decorating, sweetened ricotta (300g ricotta and about 3 tablespoons sugar)

* note that I have doubled the ingredients since the dishes we have are too big for just 3 eggs.

If you are going to do the fruit flan get these:

3 eggs

75g sugar

75g self raising flour

1/2 tsp vanilla

For the filling :  yoghurt any flavour, fruits, sprinkles, sweetened ricotta (it’s up to you as long as it is healthy)

Also get a flan tin (about 11 inches in diameter) because we don’t have in the lab.

Other things to get:

Apron and cap

A knife to chop the fruit

Baking paper especially if you are making the swiss roll

A dish cloth

Ingredients for drink

Decoration items: table cloth, table mat, menu card, any decorations suitable for tea time, serving plate for the fruit flan / swiss roll, cup for the drink.

A container in which to carry the Swiss roll or fruit flan.

These are the groups how you will be cooking:

Group 1: will cook on 26th February

Alessia, rachele, michela, alaa, timea, laura

Group 2: will cook on 4th March

Enrico, deborah, sam, celine, danica, li

Please make sure to be well prepared as this PRACTICAL WILL CONTRIBUTE TO 15% OF THE ANNUAL EXAM. The preparation sheet has a lot of marks, so make sure to fill it in with caution. I will upload a sample preparation sheet shortly to help you out.

Happy weekend!


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