Dear Senior 4,

remember when we were talking about eating disorders? I found this article, if you would like to have a look at the pictures, to see the devastating effects of anorexia.

Senior 5 – SEC Prep. Sheet

Dear Senior 5,

just to remind you (for the 100th time), that on the 4th November you have the SEC preparation sheet. Remember to study all meal planning and get recipes (recipe books / recipes from internet) so as to be covered for ANY situation that might crop up in your assignment test. Also get recipes for possible drinks which you can use. Remember to find recipes that can be prepared and cooked in a double lesson! Also study what reasons of choice you can give for the chosen recipes.

Group 1 will cook on 11th November. group 1 consists of: Sarah B.F, Kristina, Jasmine, Isaac, Kelly Anne, Rachel.

Group 2 will cook on 18th November. group 2 consists of: Sarah G, Valentina, Corina, Jed, Luke, Claire,Aleyna.

The TEST DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED. The test is going to be held on 25th November and NOT on the 26th November. Study the nutrients (senior 3) and the topics which we covered till home freezing this year. The test won’t be very easy, so study hard!

I know you are all stressed out, but work hard now and you’ll see your results later! 🙂

Ms. Edera

Senior 4 – Practical – Pizza

Dear Senior 4,

with regards to the upcoming pizza practical, please take note of the following:

  1. Group 1 will cook on 6th November. Group 1 consists of: Alessia, Rachele, Michaela, Alaa, Timea and Laura.
  2. Group 2 will cook on 13th November. Group 2 consists of: Enrico, Deborah, Samantha, Celina, Danica and Li.

For the practical you need to bring the following:

a. apron and cap

b. completed preparation sheet in plastic folder (evaluation to be completed AFTER the practical)

c. all ingredients for the yeast dough + extra flour for rolling out or in case the dough gets soggy + tomato sauce + HEALTHY toppings + ingredients for the drink.

d. if you can please get a chopping knife because there is only 1 in the lab! Also get a mixing bowl (plastic preferably), serving plate, serving glass for the drink, table cloth and other decoration items. I want you to do your best when it comes to the presentation of the food. You may also do a menu card for the presentation of the table. Also get 2 tea towels – 1 to cover the dough and another for the washing up.

e. also get a plastic container (e.g. lunchbox) to carry the pizza with you.

Please note that the test  will be carried out as a whole class on 18th November (date to be confirmed). The test will cover the topics which we covered so far including, family, milk and dairy, eggs, factors affecting food choice, all meal planning and yeast.

Hints to help you fill in the preparation sheet.

a. For the reasons of choice, you need to reflect on the chosen ingredients and say which nutrients are found in them.

b. Also comment on the different coloured vegetables/ingredients which will make the pizza look more appetizing.

c. For the order of work : first 5 minutes leave them for personal preparation: wear apron and cap, wipe table top, wash hands and take out ingredients and utensils.

Then follow with the procedure of making the yeast dough – state the main steps involved – you can get this from the recipe which I’ve given you (the method).

Try to include washing up after putting the pizza in the oven, before starting to prepare the drink. Then prepare the drink, do washing up, check pizza and if ready take it out of the oven, lay the table. Do any remaining washing up and pack up.

For the shopping list, remember to list the ingredients as it you are going shopping. so e.g. a bag of plain flour, a can of tomato sauce etc…

Hope this helps,

Ms. Edera

Senior 1 practical

Dear senior 1,

First of all well done to all those who got all the ingredients and did their best for the bread pudding practical. I am uploading the photos of the end result!

May I remind you to hand in the preparation sheet (including evaluation) next lesson.

Ms .Edera


Breaking News

Dear Senior 5 students,

this news has just been released: bacon, sausages and processed meat are going to be put in the same category as alcohol, cigarettes and asbestos since they are being linked to cancer.

This news may easily be used as one of the questions for the home economics o’level and they relate it to fat intake, heart disease, dietary guidelines etc…

Best regards,

Ms. Edera